Historic Castles

Tattershall Thumbnail

Tattershall Keep

Tattershall Keep is an elegant brick tower built in the early 15th Century. It was once part of a larger castle located in Lincolnshire, England.

Clackmannan Thumbnail

Clackmannan Tower

Clackmannan Tower is an L-shaped tower in southeast Scotland and was built in the 14th Century. It was once the home of Robert The Bruce.

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Bedzin Castle

Bedzin Castle is in southern Poland. It was upgraded from a wooden fort to a stone castle by Casimer the Great in the 14th Century.

Lochranza Thumbnail

Lochranza Castle

Lochranza Castle was built in the 13th Century on the Isle of Arran in west Scotland as a defense against Norse invasion.


Affleck Tower

Affleck Tower is an L-plan tower house built in the 15th Century and is located in Angus, Scotland.


Ehrenfels Castle

Ehrenfels Castle is a tower castle in eastern Switzerland. The tower was built in the early 13th Century. A ring wall and residential buildings were added in the 14th Century.


Dunnottar Keep

Dunnottar Castle is a large fortification located on a rocky peninsula in north-east Scotland. The keep was built in the 14th Century.


Hedingham Keep

The Keep of Hedingham Castle was built in the 12th Century and is located in Essex, England.

Angle Tower Thumbnail

Angle Tower

Angle Tower is a fortified manor house built in the 13th Century. It is located in south-west Wales.

Trachselwald Thumbnail

Trachselwald Castle

Trachselwald Castle is located in Switzerland. Originally built in the second half of the 12th Century, additions were made until the 18th Century.

Dauphin Thumbnail

Castle Dauphin

Castle Dauphin was built in the 12th Century to guard the route into southern France.

Pratteln Thumbnail

Pratteln Castle

Pratteln Castle is located in northern Switzerland. It was built around 1275 as a residence of the von Eptingen family.

Dover Thumbnail

Dover Keep

Dover Keep is a Norman style square tower built in the 12th Century. Its strategic location on the English Channel has made it a key fortification in the defense of England.

Nunney Thumbnail

Nunney Castle

Nunney Castle was built in 1373 and is located in Somerset, England. The castle is built in the French style and may have been inspired by the Bastille in Paris.

Pembridge Thumbnail

Pembridge Castle

Pembridge Castle was built in the 12th Century in Herefordshire to help guard the border with Wales. It was damaged in the 17th Century and restored in the 20th.

Crupet Thumbnail

Donjon of Crupet

The Donjon of Crupet Castle is a fortified manor house dating from the 13th Century, located in Belgium.

Doune Thumbnail

Doune Castle

Doune Castle is a courtyard castle in central Scotland built in the late 14th Century. The castle appears in the 1974 film "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."


Donjon of Chambois

The Donjon of Chambois was built in Normandy in the later half of the 12th Century during the reign of Henry II.

Grenchen Thumbnail

Grenchen Castle

Grenchen Castle also known as "Bettleschloss" is a small castle in the mountains of northwest Switzerland.

Nidzica Thumbnail

Nidzica Castle

Nidzica Castle, also know as "Neidenburg" was built by the Teutonic Knights about 1370 in what was then East Prussia and is today Poland.

Grosmont Thumbnail

Grosmont Castle

Grosmont Castle is in Monmouthshire and was built in the late 12th and 13th Centuries to help defend the border between England and Wales.

Valle Crucis Thumbnail

Valle Crucis Abbey

Valle Crucis Abbey is a Cistercian monastary built in 1201 in North East Wales. Valle Crucis is in a valley named for Elisig's Pillar, a 9th Century Christian memorial cross.

Rochester Thumbnail

Rochester Keep

Rochester Castle is a Norman castle built to guard the crossing of the Medway River on the road between London and Dover.

Skipness Thumbnail

Skipness Castle

Skipness Castle is located on Scotland's west coast. It was probably built as a defense against Viking raids in the 13th and 14th Centuries.

Muiden Thumbnail

Muiden Castle

Muiden Castle, also known as "Muiderslot," is a Dutch castle built in the 14th Century. It is located at the mouth of the Vecht river and was used to control trade.

Weobley Thumbnail

Weobley Castle

Weobley Castle is a small castle located on the Gower Peninsula in southern Wales. It was built in the early 14th Century.

Falaise Thumbnail

Donjon of Falaise

The Donjon of Falaise is the keep of a castle in Normandy, begun in the 11th Century. The castle is said to be the birthplace of William the Conqueror.

Aughnanure Thumbnail

Aughnanure Castle

Aughnanure Castle was built in the early 16th Century and was the seat of the O'Flaherty clan. The castle is located in County Galway, Ireland.


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