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The Stable Thumbnail


Every castle has facilities devoted to the care of horses. The building is also used for repairing and storing gear.

Weapon Repair Shop Thumbnail

Weapon Repair Shop

The Weapon Repair Shop is beneath a guardhouse on the castle wall.

Forge Thumbnail

The Forge

This project is an example of a hammer mill, a forge which uses a water wheel to drive the hammers.

Cathedral Thumbnail

The Cathedral

The Cathedral is built in the Late Romanesque style and has the traditional cross shaped floor plan.

The Village Thumbnail

The Village

Located on a road between two towns, the Village offers food, supplies, and accomodations to travelers.

Joust Thumbnail

The Royal Joust

Each year, the King holds a tournament where knights and squires from all over the kingdom come to compete.

Inn Thumbnail

The Inn

The Inn provides a variety of useful services for travellers on a long journey.

Barracks Thumbnail

Soldier's Barracks

The soldiers live in a building on the castle wall. This project is built in the style of the classic LEGO® Castle sets of the 80's.

Bazaar Thumbnail

The Bazaar

The Bazaar is a place where peasants can sell goods so they can get coins to buy things they can't get through barter.

Wizard Tower Thumbnail

The Wizard's Tower

The Wizard lives in a tower in the forest where he can easily find the herbs and roots he uses to make his potions.

Dungeon Thumbnail

The Dungeon

Made for Halloween, The Dungeon won the Grand Prize in the 2nd Midnight MOCkery Building Contest in 2002.

Well Thumbnail

Village Well

Everyone in the village uses the well everyday. Includes printer friendly instructions.