Monnow Bridge

Monnow Bridge crosses the Monnow River at the city of Monmouth in Wales. The bridge itself was constructed around 1270 and the gate was added when the town walls were built around 1300.

Since it was part of the town's defense, the tower had a crenallated parapet with a portcullis in front of the doors. The portcullis was replaced with machicolations later in the 14th Century.

The parapet was replaced with a roof in the 18th Century and passages for pedestrian traffic were made in the 19th Century. The bridge was open to vehicular traffic until the early 21st Century. Today it is open only to pedestrians.

I have tried to show Monnow Bridge as it may have looked shortly after it was built. My reconstruction of Monnow Bridge is 30 inches long, 10 inches wide (96 x 32 studs) and is about 13 inches high.

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