Roman Milecastle Pic

Hadrian's Wall was built in the 2nd Century to mark the northern limit of the Roman Empire. The wall is 73 miles long and stretches across the entire island of Britain. Large forts were spaced along the wall with smaller forts - milecastles - about a mile apart between them.

Each milecastle had quarters for 20-30 soldiers, with a kitchen, latrine, storerooms, and probably a small stable for messenger horses. A walkway along the top of the wall and a road on the inside connected all the forts allowing for easy deployment of reinforcements.

Today, only the foundations of Hadrian's Wall still exist. There is a great deal of speculation about how the the parapets, watch towers, and buildings actually looked.

To fit the local terrain, each milecastle was slightly different. This model represents my interperation of a typical Roman milecastle along Hadrian's Wall. It is 20 inches long, 20 inches wide (64 x 64 studs) and is about 11 inches high.

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