Drakenheim Catle Title Graphic

Drakonheim is a tower fortress built in a mountain pass. Although it occupies a small ground area, the height of the castle and its towers makes it an imposing obstacle to invaders.

The castle is entered through a gate at the top of a steep path that passes directly beneath the battlements. The turn at the top of the path makes it more difficult for attackers to use a battering ram against the gate.

The castle has a lower and an upper court yard, four towers, a gatehouse, and a number of domestic buildings - all linked into single fortress. The tall pointed roofs help keep heavy snow off the battlements.

Drakenheim is inspired by (but is not a replica of) Cochem Castle in Germany. The base is 15" x 15" square (48 x 48 studs) and the castle stands about 26" high.

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