Fantsy Castles - Medieval Fantasies Made With Lego Blocks

Drakonheim Thumbnail


Drakonheim is a tower fortress built in a mountain pass. The castle has a lower and an upper court yard, four towers, a gatehouse, and a number of domestic buildings.

Iansholm Thumbnail


Iansholm is a tower fortress built at the edge of a cliff. The only entrance is a small door at the top of a narrow stairway. The back of the tower can be opened to show details of the interior.

Caeran Thumbnail

Caeran Castle

Caeran Castle is a tower which would serve as both a family home and as a fortress. The castle can only be entered through a small, easily defended door at the base of the tower.

Greymont Castle Thumbnail

Greymont Castle

Greymont Castle is a rectangular fortress protected by a barbican, a drawbridge, and a gatehouse. It is inspired by Goodrich Castle in Herefordshire, England.

Wroford Tower Thumbnail

Wroford Tower

Wroford Tower is a small castle inspired by (but not a copy of) Orford Castle in Suffolk, England. Includes an animation showing a 360 degree view of the building.

Lion Tower Graphic

Lion Tower Keep

Lion Tower Keep is a large castle with a gatehouse, a courtyard, a great hall and a keep.