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Battering Ram Thumbnail

Battering Ram

A battering ram is a heavy log suspended in a frame which would be used to break down the walls of an enemy castle.

Siege Tower Thumbnail

Siege Tower

A siege tower was a high tower on wheels which could be rolled up to the castle in an attempt to overpower the defenders.

Catapult Thumbnail


The Catapult is an example of a medieval siege engine which would have been used to throw rocks. Includes a catapult game.

Ox Cart Thumbnail

Ox Cart

Simple two wheeled carts pulled by teams of oxen were more common in the middle ages than horse drawn wagons.

Farm Wagon Thumbnail

Farm Wagon

The farm wagon is used to move vegetables and feed from the farm to the castle. Includes printer friendly instructions.

King's Carriage Thumbnail

King's Carriage

The carriage has room for two to travel comfortably. Includes printer friendly instructions.